Photos Of Dr. Jill Hagen

Dr. Jill Hagen with Dr. Lauren Grossman and the famous makeup entrepreneur Trish McEvoy.

Dr. Jill Hagen with Ari Fleischer-former White House Press Secretary for
President George Bush (2001-2003)

Dr. Jill Hagen and movie star Eddiie Murphy's mother

Dr. Jill Hagen and NJ State Senator Mr. Frank Lautenberg

Dr. Jill Hagen and Whitney Houston's mom- Ms.Cissy Houston

Dr. Jill Hagen and actress Brooke Shields mom

Dr. Jill Hagen and Dr. Lauren Grossman performing surgery on
a 16 year old ballerina for ingrown toenails in the office.

Dr. Jill Hagen and Dr. Lauren Grossman at Dr. Grossman's
Bat Mitzvah when she was 13 years old.

Dr. Lauren Grossman with “FRENCHY” from the original Movies Grease.

Charlamagne tha god

with dr Grossman and dr Hagen

Dr Jill Hagen and Dr Lauren Grossman
with Jesse Jones “FILAYYY”” - preacher of the basketball intenet