Grandma's feet (which I inherited) have been trouble for many years. Drs. Hagen and Grossman have solved my many problems (bunions, toe straightening, PRP for tendon tears) Dr. Grossman was so very accommodating - even ubering me back to the office after surgery.

-Janet H

Teacher, runner, tennis player, mom of 3 young feels like I spend most of my life on my feet.  After going to Dr. Grossman, I've learned that you're never too young to have someone take care of your feet.  I love the fact that I never feel rushed during an appointment.  Dr. Grossman has a great personality which makes it a pleasant experience.  It's apparent that she loves what she does. I expect Dr. Grossman to be caring for my feet for years to come!

-Alana D

I have had extensive problems with my feet over the years. I have visited many doctors who didn’t help with my pain. Dr. Grossman suggested platelet rich plasma which uses my own blood to heal areas of pain. I thought she was crazy but decided to follow her course of treatment. I wore a boot prior to the procedure and since then haven’t had one day of pain since. (the procedure was done in 2014) Dr. Grossman is so knowledgeable and gentle and it’s been a pleasure for her to work on my feet. I would recommend her to anyone who has foot pain.

-Jonathan D

There is no better confirmation of a doctor’s value than the opinions
of patients themselves. Here’s what some of Dr. Hagen’s patients
have to say:

Dear Dr. Hagen,

It was really ncie of you to come with Wet Hair from your beauty parlor appointment to do the emergency surgery on my left foot!

It saved me a trip to the Surgical Center and was really appreciated. Thanks again


Joan Wecksler

Dear Dr. Hagen:

I'd like to express my sincere gratitude for the free medical attention I received from you regarding the PRP (injections) treatment. As I explained to you when we first met, I had suffered extreme pain for many years due to the Achilles tendon in my right foot. For several years I had various doctors perform a variety of treatments in varying methods without success.

I have been subjected to so many different unsuccessful forms of treatments that I became skeptical when you proposed to treat my foot with the injections. After a few injections of PRP, I felt the difference in my foot and was able to resume my busy life style.

The treatments relieved the pain and allowed me to once again be self-sufficient. I constantly praise you and the treatment when speaking to friends and family. The treatment has altered my lifestyle tremendously and I don't know how to thank you.

I'm disappointed to know that this treatment is not covered by the medical insurances. If it wasn't for your generosity to treat me with this medicine, I would have never been able to experience such relief.
Please use this letter as a testimonial for the fine work you are doing with the PRP injections treatments performed on your patients.

Thanks again for caring and being focused on treating the patient's symptoms with the PRP Injections.


Angie Galifi

"Being a Professional Medical Device Representative I have the opportunity of witnessing many different physicians perform numerous procedures. Dr. Hagen's skill and dexterity in the OR is second to none. It is a pleasure and a privilege to watch her work and to observe the precision and care she takes with each and every patient before, during and after the procedure."

Medical Device Representative

"Over the past 35 years, I have had seven foot surgeries with three different doctors (all highly accredited), and seven foot surgery failures, until I met Dr. Jill Hagen.

Finally, because of someone with incredible ability and competence, I now have two feet that look like feet, no toes too long, no toes crossed over each other, no toes crooked or bent. I can now walk with ease in normal shoes.

Thanks Dr. Hagen, you are amazing!"

Carol Aboyoun

"Twenty years ago I walked into Dr. Jill Hagen’s office with ingrown toenails. Dr Hagen not only operated on the in-grown toenails through laser surgery, but she became a life long friend from that day on. She immediately put me at ease with her wonderful bedside manner and great sense of humor.

In the years to follow Dr. Hagen made me orthotics that actually fit properly so that for the first time in years I could wear shoes without pain.

As time  progressed, I broke my foot which healed and then several years later she operated on several of my toes for hammer toes.

With all these surgeries, Dr. Hagen treated me with not only skill but with an enormous amount of thoughtfulness and kindness. I only wish she could be my doctor for all the disciplines. In fact, I do call her for everything and she’s always there to give me a hand and sound advice.

I recommend Dr. Hagen with all my heart and anyone who finds her is a lucky person."

Karen Fierstein
Tenafly, NJ

"Dr Hagen performed bunion surgery on my daughter, Deborah Ben-David, about 12 years ago. We are extremely pleased with the results. We originally came to see Dr Hagen 20 years ago, when Deborah was only eight. Deborah genetically inherited flat feet, which caused bunions to appear at a very young age. Deborah complained of occasional pain, depending upon the shoes she wore. Dr Hagen felt Deborah was too young to do anything about it & since she wore mainly sneakers at that time, Dr Hagen suggested she come back when she was older. By age 16, Deborah was wearing shoes more often & the bunions had also grew. By then the pain was intolerable & of course vanity had set in & Deborah was embarrassed by the way her feet looked. Dr Hagen agreed to do the surgery. Both feet were done at the same time & while this made it very difficult for Deborah to get around initially, it was the best decision we ever made.

Dr Hagen is not only a terrific surgeon, but the follow up & her bedside manner, made an otherwise somewhat unpleasant recovery, much easier to tolerate. Today, the bunions are no longer a problem, her feet look beautiful, the scaring is almost invisible & Deborah wears heels all the time...pain free. Dr Hagen is the only podiatrist we trust for all of our needs."

Barbara Bendavid
Fort Lee, NJ

"I had the pleasure of meeting the most professional and caring podiatrist in January of 2009, Dr. Jill Hagen. After many years of treating my hammer toes via numerous podiatrists, I made the decision to solve the problem permanently with surgery. Upon meeting Dr. Hagen it was obvious she had a passion for her career and was very proficient. She immediately assessed my toes, made swift yet accurate determinations as to the appropriate surgical remedy which in my eyes confirmed her high level of expertise. She is a master in her field and it shows. Dr. Hagen is committed to providing impeccable podiatry care, she is compassionate and upon realising my insurance would be difficult to work with she took the necessary steps enabling her to perform my surgery.

Dr. Jill Hagen is by far the most knowledgeable, skillful, and compassionate podiatrist I have ever met and I have been treated by many. Rest assured that I love my feet and believe that anyone who chooses Dr. Hagen will certainly love their results."

Andrea Gizzo
Real Estate Broker Associate

"It is a privilege to share with all of Dr. Hagen's patients and future patients what a wonderful experience I had as Dr. Hagen's patient. I had surgery on both my feet on separate occasions in 2007, and Dr. Hagen was always very kind, considerate and concerned about my progress.

In the summer of 2008, after the surgeries, I stumbled on some cobblestone steps and Dr. Hagen saw me immediately, even though it was her day off, and she was able to provide me with thorough care. She contacted the hospital radiology center and even gave me her personal cell phone number for me to call her to find out the results of the hospital X-rays. Dr. Hagen provided this exceptional care while I was her patient."

Robin Barbosa


"My daughter julia, age 10, has been cared for by Dr. Jill Hagen. Julia had ingrown toenails that had to be permanently corrected by Dr. Hagen. Julia was very anxious and nervous about the procedures. The doctor was extremely comforting and patient with Julia. She brought in many staff members to relax Julia and put her at ease while Dr. Hagen performed her work on her toe. We are so lucky that Dr. Hagen treats Julia. She is amazing with children and I'm certain she is fabulous with her patients of all ages. Julia's toe is healing beautifully and she has immediate relief of her discomfort from before the procedure. Dr. Hagen is the best!!!! "
Abby Braverman (Julia's mom)

Abby Braverman
Cresskill, NJ


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